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A Traditional Scouting Experience

Located in the hills of northwestern Conn­ect­icut, Camp Workcoeman was established in 1924 and is one of the oldest continuously operated Scout camps in the country.

Opening Campfire

Each week begins with an opening campfire put on by the Camp Workcoeman staff and ends with a closing campfire that includes skits and songs performed by the troops in camp.

This is just the beginning of what Workcoeman has to offer!

Swamped Canoe (PC: Braden Lynn)

A Quality Program

Camp Workcoeman offers a quality, flexible program tailored to the needs of your troop—from new Scouts to veterans.

A Dedicated Staff

A Camp Director with over 35 years experience and a trained, high quality staff that return every year. Flexibility, caring, and dedication are the essential qualities that make up the Camp Workcoeman Staff.

Sign Post (PC: Braden Lynn)

A Consistent Philosophy

You want the best summer program, and the staff is here to deliver the finest program available to your Scouts!

Polar Bear Swim

Many Scouts choose to start their days with an early morning Polar Bear swim.

Patrol Competition

Morning Patrol Competitions

Patrol Competitions are held every day on the parade field prior to morning colors and breakfast.


Delicious and nutritious meals are served family-style in our beautiful dining hall overlooking the lake.

Merit Badges

Merit Badge Program

Mornings are devoted to advancement with three merit badge sessions offered between breakfast and lunch. At Camp Workcoeman, there are over 50 merit badges to choose from.

Tenderfoot's Compass

Tenderfoot’s Compass

The Tenderfoot’s Compass program is an alternative to the morning Merit Badge program for first year Scouts. Participants work coop­era­tively, using the Patrol Method, to learn basic Scouting skills. Add­ition­ally, they complete Swimming Merit Badge and take a 5 mile hike.

Troop Activities

At Camp Workcoeman, afternoons and evenings are devoted to troop activities which take place throughout the camp’s program areas. Whether it’s a troop shoot, swim, or climb; a game of Gaga Ball; a cooking demo; or anything in between, your troop is sure to build cohesion and make lasting memories!


Open Program Time

Scouts get an hour each afternoon to participate in a variety of activities of their choosing. Whether they head down to the lake, up to the shooting ranges, or just stop by the Trading Post, they’re sure to have a blast!

Special Programs and Events

A variety of special programs and events take place each week at camp. Older Scouts can participate in our Discover SCUBA program, our Pistol Shooting Program, or the Shawtown Wilderness Trek. Troops can compete in the Camp Wide Games or try to earn the coveted Spirit Stick.


Specialty Camps

One week of camp not enough? Then join us for one of our week-long or weekend Specialty Camps! These programs include our Trail to Eagle Camp, our PADI Scuba Certification Camp, and our Search and Rescue Weekend.

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We hope you’ve seen why so many troops choose Camp Workcoeman and we hope you’ll join us too!

For more information please contact Camp Director Lou Seiser or Program Director Tom Leisten.